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DeScianni is a 70s style musical group formed from two brothers Joe and Peter and is a kind of a lost tapes story where life’s hardships got in the way of completion at a high level to where the music could be appreciated.  It is now combined with new material of many songs that may be more modern Pop, Country, Folk or even EDM.  This life’s work is called Dreams in Space and Time and is being added to with new recordings and also old recordings mostly from Joe being completely re-done, rearranged and/or improved every day.   

DeScianni is a partnership of Joe P and Peter P DeShan (DeScianni). Joe often goes by Joe-Paul and was always the most artistic early on in painting psychedelic art, later in music, and was the most gifted athletically of all the seven children in the family. DeScianni is our true original Italian last name before our paternal grandfather had changed it to DeShan when he came to USA from Italy in early 1900s.  We are descendents of the DeScianni and Greco families mostly from around Rome, Italy that came to USA.  Some of the music on this site is the final accepted mastered versions, others are still work in progress (WIP), where mostly we are improving different versions or vocals, etc.  We are always also generating new songs and those will be on here as they are recorded.  Please support the music by buying directly from this site.

DeScianni music presents itself in somewhat of a time warp where much of the music has a 1970s Rock vibe from Black Sabbath to Moody Blues. That decade is simply an arbitrary time bracket, but it did have a sound and reality of its own in a time of peace and love, and musical expression with distinctive sounds like few other generations. Many of these songs were created and publicly performed in the time since in various bands and venues by Joe, but life and work often get in the way of things most important. Peter went on to college and worked as a slave in corporate America for many years and never got to do many of the things he always wanted to do in music and writing.  We both experienced incredible privations and hardships together as young brothers, we shared bunk beds in this infernal reality, and we have a lifelong bond as brothers that survived.  Some of this music was just recently written and conceived by both Joe and/or Peter, some of it was rearranged from older work all by Joe, sketched from scratch again with all new instruments, tempo, beat, vocalists, and song length, so it is quite a bit of work to compose /produce, and fund new recording sessions.  Many instrumentals, anthology versions, and some Jam sessions are also on the website and more are being added often.

DeScianni has just begun to market this music and one avenue of promotion is song contests.  Recently on Sep 01, 2022 DeScianni was runner up in the John Lennon Song contest Rock category for one Rock song entered (Luck on Monday).  Some other contests have been entered recently and we are working on additional promotions. 

Musical influences are all the Rock songs of that era, Motown, Elvis, and concerts of the late 1960s and 1970s, and 80s. Certainly the Beatles and John Lennon were a huge inspiration for many songs and Joe can/could sing many John Lennon songs with many of the rich tones of the original tracks.  Peter used to write songs, lyrics, and poetry in the 70s and 80s, wrote some of the new songs, produced and funded the entire current work, taught Joe his very first 3 chords on the Guitar in 1973, but went on to a high technology career in science, engineering, and IT. Joe became extremely proficient as a composer, vocalist with a driving tone, guitarist, songwriter, musician, and also wrote many classical compositions, and was in many bands over the years performing around Atlanta.  Some of the songs on the website are recently recorded and some anthology versions are included as well, but there are many that are not yet on the website.

It takes a community and big funding to create great music or films at many levels.  If someone has a vision, they have to do what it takes to get that vision composed, arranged, produced and recorded to where it has the best attributes.  This is often an iterative and expensive process, but the final vision of the composition can only be finished if much is ventured in time, funding, and persistence to get the right instruments, vocalists, and genre of sound. Very rarely is the very first version the final best version so many versions are being updated.   

DeScianni's songs were composed/arranged/sketched, re-arranged, re-sketched, produced, re-produced and performed by DeScianni in various venues from the 70s to today.  The base of this rework and new music work was conceived at private DeScianni studios in Alpharetta, GA, and most of the new track recordings and masters were done at StudioPros Music Studios in Los Angeles, CA, and other private studios as far as London, England.  There are many studio engineering and session player contributors, the key ones from StudioPros being Craig Durrance for many talents, Danny on Guitars, Amir on keyboards, Uri on Bass, Reggie on Drums, Yosi on Mixing and several other musicians.  Vocals are Joe-Paul, Jack, Noah, Filip, Chloe, Alice, and Lena and other vocalists are Stephen, Levi and others.

Joe-Paul DeShan & Peter P DeShan

Joe                                                                 Peter

Some old pics from the 1970s:

Joe 1971  

Joe 1971                                Peter 1971

Joe, 2nd from right, 1974


This 70s era of music has always been one of the most inspirational and many of these songs were created and or inspired at that time when we were young and impressionable from the 70s to 2000s.  The young people back then were either Jocks or Hippies (often called Freaks) and each young person had to choose which social circle he would be in.  It was a time where "cool", "out of sight" and "far out" were new terms and where you would get a hug from a stranger on the street if he was in the same Hippie social group. There was a generational disagreement where there was much distrust in the government with the terrible Vietnam war and so many deaths of young people you knew both from the war, motorcycle accidents, and more.  If the notion that the 60s might be the beginning of the Youth Culture, the 70s slammed it home, and among the older generation then, it was a simple case of the Youth Culture refusing to grow up and take responsibility, but in reality they just wanted to have some fun growing up.  So not many things have changed, history often repeats itself but now technology has changed so many aspects of human interaction and feelings.


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